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Finance Coach
Simple ideas to help you pay out your loans sooner and save you heaps of money on interest and fees! Have a question? Our finance experts can provide you with timely free advice based on your circumstances.
Negative Gearing with Property
There are only two things that are certain in this life: Death and Taxes- says the old adage. How true! We have a duty and responsibility to pay taxes so that the revenue collected goes back into our communities for better infrastructure, amenities and other public services. read more...

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Market Property Reports
Mybank members will qualify for discounts on RPdata Property Reports.  Please register for member benefits. Found a property? Type in the address and find all its related market information. Is it over priced, how long has it been on the market? Or find out exactly what the neighbours paid for their property and when!
MyRPData Market Property Reports for mybank members
A property report will help identify and lower any potential risks associated with a specific property. They are also ideal if you are planning to sell your property and to establish a market value without totally relying on a real estate agentís appraisal.
member discounts apply.

Find New Properties for Sale
(Exclusive for Members)
Mybank members will qualify for discounts on RPdata Property Reports.  Please register for member benefits. A Specialised Property Buying Service for members through a research advice model including selected properties to maximise investment opportunities in growth areas located all over Australia that are not available directly to the public. VIEW

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Mybank Member Home Loan Package: 

Is your investment property tax efficient? See our negative gearing tax calculator!


Who do you really work for? Warning: you will never see your working day the same again!


Are you spending your net salary wisely or are you overspending?

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MY REALESTATE                                           FIRST HOME BUYERS GRANT
Considering purchasing a property for owner occupation or investment purposes?
Myrealestate provides you with helpful insights on property buying more
click on the state to view the FHOG claim form
Negative Gearing with Property
Property Depreciation
Why Buy On-line Property Reports
FHOG Claim Forms
Property Buying Associated Costs
First Home Buyers
Land Tax Levy
Property Buying Process

E-payment solutions                  Credit Advice                                Analysis Report
The ezzyBUY Vendor Portal is an E-commerce payment solutions platform for vendors and service providers.
Read more
Expert credit modelling advice to meet with complex loan structuring scenarios for individuals, companies and trusts. Read more
A customised report detailing property costs, cash flow projections and tax benefits based on market indicators. Read more

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