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Saturday, January 18, 2020, 10:06:54 PM EST
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Using our Home Loan Selector* may help you identify a typical home loan structure that most banks are offering! It can be a daunting task trying to find the right loan type and combination that would best meet with your needs. Our Home Loan Selector will assist you in selecting the type of loan structure that you might find suitable!

Simply tick at least 1 option from the following groups. Then click "submit" and you will be given some options on the type of loan and useful loan features to consider and discuss further with your Banker or Financial Planner.

Please select at least 1 option from the following group:

Introductory Rate: Initially I want to make minimum monthly loan repayments on a lower rate
Redraw Facility: I would like to access my extra loan repayments made or access my loan credit funds
Fixed Rate: I am worried about interest rates increasing and would like the certainty that my rate and payments will not change over the next few years
Variable Rate: I need the flexibility of making additional repayments at any time, I am not too concerned about interest rate movements, I need portability.
Construction Loan: I am in the process of looking into building a home or investment property. I need the flexibility of a loan structure to meet the Builder's and building requirements.

Principle and Interest: I want the flexibility to make extra repayments, knowing that my loan is gradually reducing
Interest Only: I need to pay interest only for the next few years for an investment purchase
Partly Principle and Interest and partly Interest Only: I would like to benefit from the combination of these two payment options for my changing circumstances

Credit Card: I need a credit card to be linked to my loan account
Debit (ATM) Card: I want the flexibility to use my ATM card and use EFTPOS
Mortgage offset Account: I would like the facility to minimise the interest on my loan account on a daily basis. Also need to use the account for general savings, salary crediting and other transactional purposes
Transaction Savings Account: For salary crediting and the option to linking it to my loan account. For general savings purposes
Cheque Book: I want the convenience of a cheque book to be linked to my loan account
Direct Salary Crediting: I would like my salary to be credited into my loan account with ready access
Internet Banking: I need internet banking and the facility to pay bills on line
Telephone Banking: I need to transfer funds, check balances and pay bills using my telephone


*Our Home Loan Selector should only be used as a guide only and should not be construed as a substitute for any advice given to you from your Accountant, Financial Planner or other Investment Adviser. Please discuss with your Investment Adviser any of the options provided herewith.

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