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Take the guesswork out of buying a property.

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This Property Investment Cashflow Credit Analyser is a practical calculator providing a cashflow and credit guide analysis that encapsulates both the cashflow and the credit performance based on a set of values assigned to an investment property. How much is your investment property really costing you?

The PICCA Score App gives you a guided solution ...

Take the guesswork out of buying a property

Buying an investment property? How much is it really costing you?

Calculate the costs and cash flow position of your new or current investment property

How can we help you find a property?

We will undertake a complete credit analysis to identify your borrowing power based on your income and expenses.
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We will identify the best lender that can best support your property buying strategy based on your financial goals and needs.
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Credit Adviser
Once we establish a framed price point we give you access to the BPRE property portal to find your dream property.
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Real Estate Agent

Disclaimer: Using the Property Investment Cashflow and Credit Analyser is easy. Follow these four simple steps to bring your analysis to life. Always remember that the results of the analyser are a guide and indicative only and general in nature and are not intended to constitute legal, financial, credit, and personal taxation advice. The results are derived and prepared without taking into consideration your financial objectives, your financial circumstances, or your financial needs. You should seek relevant advice from a legal, accounting, credit, and financial professional and consider the advice in the context of your own financial circumstances and financial objectives before undertaking such recommendations. The bottom line… simply, to discuss it further with a professional before you borrow money for investment purposes. Need more information to decipher the PICCA results? We are here to help.     Simply contact us for an obligation-free discussion.

Negative Gearing Tax Calculator

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Property Type




Property Details

Geographical property location
Purchase price or property value
Expected weekly rental income
Select appropriate option


Score out of 50
Safe property price entry point for owner(s) income
Acceptable property price entry point for owner(s) income
Maximum property price entry point for owner(s) income
Caution – high property price entry point for owner(s) income
Warning – reconsider property price entry point for owner(s) income
Critical – avoid this property price entry point for owner(s) income
Excellent – Your property is working well for you
Very Good – Your cashflow is nearing positive
Above average – Your cashflow is doing ok
Balanced – Your cashflow could be doing better
Poor – Something is not working well. Consider rental reviews?
Very poor cashflow performer may be time to sell or increase the rent?
Main factors impacting the PICCA score
PICCA Tip – Achieving a PICCA score of 50 will return a cash flow positive or ‘positive gearing’. This is a low-risk credit/funding proposition for lenders.

Who pays the weekly expenses

Total Weekly Property Running Costs
Who Pays The Weekly Expenses Breakdown
Tenant Pays
Tax Benefit
Owner Pays
Your property generates a weekly income
Property weekly gross income Property weekly expenditure
You earn surplus income after the paid expenses
PICCA Tip – Earning a weekly surplus income increases your overall assessable income tax! This is also referred to as cashflow positive or “positive gearing”.
Your weekly out of pocket cost is
that you need to contribute to pay out the ongoing weekly property expenses
PICCA Tip – Your out-of-pocket weekly contribution can create financial hardship, let the PICCA score guide you. The weekly losses may also be referred to as cashflow negative or ‘negative gearing’.

Associated Costs

Top 4 Annual Cashflow Expenses
Loan Repayments
Body Corporate
Property Rates
Management Fees
Other expenses: £00
Cashflow Analytics
Borrowing & Buying Costs
Total Purchasing Costs
Transfer Property Stamp duty
Transfer of Land Title Fee
Borrowing Finance Costs
Bank Establishment fee
Mortgage solicitor fee
Registration of mortgage fee
Bank valuation fee
Bank search fee
Lenders Mortgage Insurance
Other Miscellaneous Costs
Total Borrowing & Buying Costs
Tax Deductibles
Rental Expenses
Body Corporate
Agent Letting Fee
Insurance Premium
Agent Management Fees
Maintenance Fee
Depreciable items
Depreciation fixtures and fittings
Depreciation Building Allowance
Borrowing costs Amortisation
Interest on Loan
Total Tax Deductions

What’s your number?

Let the numbers guide you. This intuitive analyser provides you with a cashflow and credit risk rating scale score from 1 to 50. Find out your personal PICCA Score that steers your property investment in the right direction.

Loan Details

Proposed new loan amount or current loan
Enter a value of zero if no loan required
Loan Type:
The loan type will impact on your cashflows and tax benefits.
Loan Term: 30
Interest rate adjustment indicator: 300%
The interest default rate can be adjusted. Changes will impact on your cashflows and tax benefits
Monthly Payment
Annual Interest Amount
Annual Principal Payment
Total Annual Loan Payment

Your Income Details

One owner

Two owners
Gross annual income:
Gross annual income:

Your Personal Tax Positions

Title Share Split: 50/50
Your cashflow and tax benefits are linked to your property ownership title share.
PICCA Tip – When selecting two owners the highest income earner usually has the highest split title share ownership to maximise the tax benefits.

Prime Owner Title Share %

Current Tax Payable
New Tax Payable
Show Tax Breakdown
Current New
Rental Income:
Total Income $
Rental Deductions
Taxable Income $
Average Tax Rate:
Annual Tax:
Annual Tax Savings
Tax Credits

Co-owner Title Share %

Current Tax Payable
New Tax Payable
Show Tax Breakdown
Current New
Rental Income:
Total Income $
Rental Deductions
Taxable Income $
Average Tax Rate:
Annual Tax:
Annual Tax Savings
Tax Credits

Property Performance Metrics

LVR Ratio
PICCA Tip – LVR’s under 80% do not attract LMI Insurance premium. Saving you a fortune!
Gross Rental Yield
Trending average rental yields
All Capitals
All Regions
Source: CoreLogic
Equity Level
Equity is the difference between the current market value of your property and the amount remaining on your loan. No Loan? Great place to be!
PICCA Tip – Achieving around 30% or more inequity reduces your credit risk.
Dollar Cost to Income Ratio
Keeping the dollar cost ratio to around $1.30 and below will result in surplus income after all expenses paid.
Keeping the dollar cost above $1.30 will result in negative income after all expenses paid. It will cost you money!

Your Property Variables

Loan Amount

Property Funding Required

Annual Loan Repayments

Property Type

The property type impacts your cashflow analysis eg; No Body Corporate fees apply for houses. Select the property type to start your property investment cashflow and credit analysis.

Automated Property Valuation

Request the APV that empowers you to determine an accurate buying price by drawing on the property profile, its selling history, and location insights with local market data. We can also provide you with other key property performance reports.

Total borrowing solutions

Setting up the right loan is crucial for managing cashflows. We can help with a personalised loan structuring strategy that is vital for your property investment performance success.

Finance Summary

Property Purchase Price$
Total Funding Costs
Owner(s) Deposit Invested
Initial Loan Amount$
Loan Type
Annual Interest Amount
Annual Principal Payment
Monthly Payment
Total Annual Loan Payment

The PICCA Score App gives you a guided solution ...

Take the guesswork out of buying a property

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