We’re with you every step of the way.
CommBank is committed to the mortgage broking industry and to making it easier for brokers to do business with us. We know that brokers deliver exceptional outcomes for customers, so we’re focused on delivering simpler, better processes and investment in the channel to provide brokers with an enhanced level of support.
StarSolution-focused lending.
We consider the circumstances of individuals and have a flexible credit policy to suit your customer scenarios.
Streamlined processesStreamlined processes.
We support a faster time to ‘yes’ with dedicated support across the end-to-end home buying process for our brokers and their customers.
Dedicated Support.Dedicated Support.
Along with the support of a dedicated Relationship Manager, we have a 24/7 Training Hub with resources for every experience level.
Simpler digital experiences.Simpler digital experiences.
Our Servicing Calculators and DigiDocs enable a faster and more accurate experience for your customers.
Simpler to do business with us.
We’ve updated our accreditation criteria, if you’re not accredited, speak to your head group today.

We’re here for you every step of the way. Contact us to discuss a range of support options available to you.
You’ve probably heard that mainstream banks are tightening their lending rules right now. Perhaps your business has already had a loan application get declined.
That’s intensely frustrating if you need finance to:
● Buy plant and equipment
● Order more stock
● Move to new premises
● Run a special promotion
● Cover wages
But don’t give up. Because there’s a good chance we can solve your finance problem.
Unlike the mainstream banks, we specialise in business finance and we’re flexible in the way we assess applications.
When you make an online application, we’ll tell you within minutes (yes, minutes) whether your loan has been approved. If it has, we’ll issue the funds within 24 hours.
You can apply for an unsecured business line of credit ($5k to $100k) or an unsecured business loan ($5k to $500k). The great thing about unsecured loans is there are fewer documents for you to round up, which means the whole process moves much faster.
You can also apply for a secured business loan ($20k to $2m) using real estate as security. Again, the process is fast, because no financials are required. We don’t mind if you’ve got a poor payment history or mortgage arrears. And there are no repayments during the loan term.
Just because the bank said no, doesn’t mean we won’t say yes.
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