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Are you looking at financing a new home or investment property? Need business or commercial finance? We are here to help. We can also support you with car loans and personal loans with the best pricing international money transfers.

  • Home Loans
    Home Loans

    *Starting at 5.2% Home OO 30 years

  • Personal Loans
    Personal Loans

    *Starting at 9% 24-60 months

  • Car Loans
    Car Loans

    *Starting at 10% 24-60 months

  • Business Loans
    Business Loans

    *Starting at 11% 24-60 months

*Conditions apply

Connecting you to market leading lenders is a Home Loan and Finance market place giving you more borrowing choices and options from leading banks and specialised brokers. Our service offering ranges from Home Loans, Business Loans, and Personal Loans to Car Leasing and Money Transfers, and a lot more. We do it all. You can rest assured that we will always have your best interest guiding our credit advice engagement. 

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Personal Loans

Car Loans

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Applying for a loan is simple and easy

We identify and connect you with a bank or specialised lender to support your borrowing needs
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Start your credit approval

We get to know you and your loan needs

You complete an online credit request questionnaire

We provide a Statement of Credit Advice

This document includes our lending recommendations

We process the loan application

We submit the loan application to the lender for approval

The Lender approves the loan

The lended assesses the credit application and approves loan

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We complete and settle your new loan for your property, business or new car.

After your loan settlement we will manage and support all your future loan variations and future borrowing requirements. Our commitment to you is providing ongoing credit advice services and keeping you updated with market policy and interest rate changes at no cost to you.

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Total Solutions with Mybank Connect Partner Services.


Whether it’s a new home or your first home we can assist to secure your dream home or investment property with the right loan.


Showcases new houses, apartments and townhouses to exclusive luxury penthouses listed for sale Australia-wide.


We can help with all Business type Loans for any purpose both for secured & unsecured lending including commercial costruction.


We can finance your new car whether for personal or business purposes. We can also arrange for car leases & a car buying service.


Roll existing high interest rate debts and credit cards into one easy to manage and less expensive loan. We can debt consolidate.


Join a market-leading online platform allowing you to buy currency and make transfers online 24/7 anywhere in the world.


Poor credit history or have heavy debts? We may be able to repair your credit history & secure new personal or home loans.


Give your business a digital branding revamp from website design & hosting to video production & digital graphic design.


Save money with our total Deposit Bond Concierge Service. From application to approval to settlement. We do it all.

negative gearing TAX calculator

Buying an investment property? How much is it really costing you?

Try our exclusive Negative Gearing Tax Calculator for a summary of the costs and cash flow position of your new or current investment property.

Do You Want To Boost Your Business?

Simply join Mybank member services to access our exclusive SynergyOne Apps On-point digital solutions to experience full customer engagement and take your business to the next level.

Are you in Business

And looking for a fast Business Loan?

Consumer & Business Lending

Our lending member networks make it all possible. is a Home Loan and Finance market place giving you more borrowing choices and options from leading banks and specialised brokers. Our service offering ranges from Home Loans, Business Loans, and Personal Loans to Car Leasing and Money Transfers, and a lot more. We do it all. You can rest assured that we will always have your best interest guiding our credit advice engagement. 

Our members have many options when it comes to borrowing for purchasing their homes. As a member, we have some great value home loan propositions with great features and benefits. You can choose from a Variable-rate with an offset account linked to it to enjoy extra flexibility knowing that you could save thousands of dollars in interest and cut years off your home loan by using an offset account or you can choose a fixed-rate loan to better manage your budget. Our members can benefit from loan features and discounts when bundled with an easy-buy home loan package. We also offer flexible repayment options that work for you without charging any additional fees if you want to make extra repayments at any time. You can also split your loan to get the best of both worlds by splitting your loan into variable and fixed portions, giving complete peace of mind, especially in an increasing rate environment. Please contact us to explore your home loan buying options with our network specialists.

Our members can benefit from customised car loans for any type of car. Members can access flexible contract terms ranging from 12 to 84 months (one to seven years).
You can choose from variable to fixed interest rate options, meaning, you will always know your repayments to keep up with your cashflow budget irrespective of interest rate movements. A tax deduction may also be available when the vehicle is used for business purposes (please discuss with your accountant for eligibility). In the event that you want to purchase a vehicle that may not meet the unsecured car loan assessment, we can always consider a secured car loan

Our business members enjoy many lending benefits. You can manage your cash flow, purchase stock or inventory and grow your business with our wide range of loans for small businesses.

We can help you choose the right business loan to help your business grow. You can get fast access with unsecured small business finance that does not require you to provide physical assets or property for security instead your loan application is assessed on the strength of your business cashflow and your ability to service the loan. As a member business, you can select a loan term of up to 30 years (conditions apply) the Business Options Loan is suitable for SMEs, including sole traders, partnerships, trusts and registered companies. This simple loan could help you purchase an existing business, fund expansion or invest to grow.

You can choose principal and interest, interest-only, or a combination of the two for your repayments. Match your repayment cycles to suit your business’s cash flow – monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or annual.​ You can have a redraw when you need it​ and redraw extra funds that ​youpaid into your loan if you​ have a variable interest rate.​ You can also request a repayment certainty​ by locking in a rate that provides price certainty for interest and repayments throughout the fixed period.​ Simply contact our member services to discuss your business borrowing needs.

Bring your dreams to life with a person loan. Personal Loans with a difference. Our members can access great competitive interest rates with no penalties for early payout. Pay off your loan sooner without being charged a fee. In some instances, you can have your loan approved and funded on the same day! You also have the option of paying your loan off sooner with unlimited fee-free extra repayments. Personal loans are an unsecured financial product that you can use for just about anything. You decide on the amount that you require and can afford to borrow. 

Adaptable Loan Program

Financing solutions for all purposes
Working Capital Loan
Working Capital Loan
Working capital is the life blood of any business. We can help provide quick approval and fast settlement and access of funds as required for short and long term objectives. Every business has its own dynamics, we provide you with a loan that helps you to meet your specific needs.
Investment Loan
We can help will all types of investment loans from commercial to residential. Investing in real estate can be exciting and rewarding so having the right strategy backed up with the right loan is very important. We can help to meet your specific borrowing needs.
Credit Program
Sometimes things don't go according to plan and bad credit listings happen! We can help people improve their Credit Score. Get advice from a Credit Repair Expert who is on your side. A bad credit history may be preventing you from getting the things you want in life. We can help...
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