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We simplify the Personal Loan process.

We help you access the  BEST chance of getting your personal loan approved with great rates and expert advice.

Personal loans include unsecured lending as well as secured lending. The loan is taken out in the applicant’s own name.


Personal loans with great rates and expert advice.

Debt Consolidation

Rolling your debts into one easy payment will save you lot’s of money in interest repayments and time. Ask us how…

Medical Loans

A medical loan can ease the anxiety and stress of accumulated hospital expenses and allow you to recover back to health.

Holiday Loans

Giving you access to cash so you can take that well-deserved break and rest easy with great rates.

Home Renovations

An ideal way to improve your home, add a new kitchen or a new room, or a new bathroom. We can help.

Further Education

A great way to reduce the stress of paying for your desired course expenses to complete your education. 

Wedding Loans

Wedding bells ringing? You can easily consider a personal loan to sort out the finance for your perfect wedding day.

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Creative vision & digital experience

Mybank members can access an online loan application service with experienced loan processing staff. You can use personal loans for almost any purpose, from buying a new car to debt consolidation. We have the industry’s best software to assess which lender and loan will suit your needs.

Connecting you to market leading lenders is a Home Loan and Finance market place giving you more borrowing choices and options from leading banks and specialised brokers. Our service offering ranges from Home Loans, Business Loans, and Personal Loans to Car Leasing and Money Transfers, and a lot more. We do it all. You can rest assured that we will always have your best interest guiding our credit advice engagement. 

Loan Options Analyser

Use our AI to select the best personal loan options

Car LOan

We can finance your new car whether for personal or business purposes. We can also arrange for car leases & a car buying service.

Personal Loan

Roll existing high-interest-rate debts and credit cards into one easy-to-manage and less expensive loan. We can debt consolidate.

Equipment Loan

We have a full and comprehensive range of equipment lease and rental finance products and options to support any business for any purpose.

Business loan

We can help with all Business type Loans for any purpose both for secured & unsecured lending including commercial construction.


Personal Loan Calculator

How much will my personal loan cost? You can get a quick estimate of what your monthly repayments could be by simply using our personal loan calculator.


We build innovation & excellence

You can rely on our experience and knowledge with the confidence that you will always be looked after. We use industry-best software combined with years of industry knowledge we know which lender and loan will best suit your needs. 


We have over 25 years of experience is an online lending referral marketplace and advertising platform network service provider that allows consumers to become members and connect with our lending partners such as banks and specialist lenders to access the best products with the best pricing. 

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